What Do You Need To Do To Ensure Your Business Is Prepared For A Strong Comeback?

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What We Do

We work with small businesses to transform their business through their cultures and people strategies.


Assess the current state of your human resources practices and processes.

Did you know that employees responsible for HR in an ad-hoc capacity spend more than 13 hours a week managing HR, and small businesses spend more than $18,000 every single year on managing their own HR?

Many small business owners, like you, are DIY’ing their business’s HR: using a search bar to answer questions, having a member of their team be responsible for it along with his other responsibilities, or just setting it aside until it forced its way to be addressed through an employee issue. 

Here’s the reality: that time and money takes away from focusing on your business, your passion. Let’s be honest, you didn’t build or buy a business so you could do HR “stuff”.  

We hear you.  Like you, we were frustrated by process for process-sake and things that are more complicated than they need to be.  

With more than 35 collective years in HR, we have learned what is important (and what’s not). We have experience with what will make a difference where you can get the most value out of your time and how to really give feedback to employees so they are engaged.

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