Harvest season’s over. Halloween has passed. With Thanksgiving—and a new year—around the corner, let’s pause. Now, think back on what you’ve accomplished this year. You’ve worked your butt off, and, despite a tough economic environment, crazy weather events, and market fluctuations, you made it. Congratulations!

Did that moment of praise make you feel good? Of course! Keep that warm feeling in mind as you read the rest of this blog, which offers three reminders about why appreciating and recognizing hard work—from your managers and supervisors, your team, and even yourself—is essential for business success.

Reminder #1: As a leader, it feels good to be recognized for a job well done.

Just like everyone else, leaders want, need, and deserve praise and feedback. That’s why we’re taking this moment to clap wildly for YOU—and your ability to move your business forward with focus, flexibility, clear communication, and compassion.

Remember to pay the good feelings forward by regularly telling your supervisors and managers how much you value them. Your effort will have a two-fold effect. First, recognizing these stellar folks is good for company-wide productivity, morale, and retention. Second, you’re modeling the behavior you want to see in others. When you share your appreciation for your top team, it reminds them to praise their direct reports, too.

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Reminder #2: Your competitors want your employees. Positive feedback is your best defense. 

Let’s face it: Other businesses are always eyeing and vying for your stand-out employees—a harsh reality compounded by a challenging labor market.

Giving feedback is a proven way to keep your team engaged, motivated, and loyal. When your workers know they’re helping the business meet its goals and they’re directly contributing to its growth and success, they become invested. They do their best because they want to. Best of all, when it comes to your competitors, workers who feel appreciated and valued don’t wonder if the grass is greener somewhere else.

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Reminder #3: On the flip side … your competitor’s underappreciated employee may be your next great hire.

With all the research out there showing the importance of workplace feedback, shame on any business that ignores the message. If the feed store down the road isn’t investing in their employees by ensuring they feel valued and appreciated, the business is at risk of losing competent workers—and their loss could be your gain.

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Before we go, here’s one more reminder. Giving feedback is essential for businesses wanting to stay in business. Doing it effectively takes thought, effort, and even practice. That’s why feedback skills-building and training are cornerstones of our popular leadership development program, Ignite to Transform for Team Leaders. To find out more, contact Erin.

Now, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Enjoy a well-earned break!

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Download the guide: Achieve Your Business Goals Through Your Culture and People Strategies.

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