Want to leverage your on-site interview as a “sell” visit for the candidate? Get more of your interview completed BEFORE they come on-site for in-person interviews!  This one tip alone can save you at least 30 minutes per candidate.

We all know the process of finding candidates and interviewing them can be time-consuming. It requires planning for the candidate (or candidates) to come to our business, to show them around, to get to know them, and then try to explain to them why your business is the one where they should work (assuming, of course, that the candidate is the right one for this role).

Conduct Phone Interviews

Do you interview candidates over the phone for your roles before you bring them in for formal interviews? If not, you may very well be missing a great opportunity to assess candidates earlier in the selection process – not to mention, the time and resources it takes for you to conduct these.

Phone Interview Questions

Conducting a phone interview is an expected part of the selection process for job applicants. It doesn’t have to be complicated, either. Remember our SPARK on standard interview questions? Here are two key questions you can start using right away with any of your candidates.

  • Tell me about your background and experience as it relates to this role.
  • Why are you interested in this position?

These need not be lengthy discussions. You are trying to narrow down the funnel of candidates you are combing through, trying to find those who are genuinely interested in your role, and who have background/experience that could be beneficial to this position.

Doing this can allow you to shift the formal interview a bit as well. Sure, you will still probably have them come to your business to interview with other members of your team. Now that you have already become somewhat acquainted with their background, though, means that you can also dig deeper in your formal interviews to evaluate which candidates truly meet the expectations of the role based on their previous experience.Like what you see? Join our list to be notified when new SPARKS are posted!

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Download the guide: Achieve Your Business Goals Through Your Culture and People Strategies.

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