“Can I give you some feedback? You have an entire room of people in there who want to work with you, but don’t know what you’re offering.”

Of all the feedback we’ve been given in the last year as People Spark Consulting, those two sentences are the two that made our focus crystal-clear. When Kristen and I started, we had a good sense of our path, our goals, and our offerings in our business plan. Thankfully, though,  we remembered to write in pencil and leave room to learn and adapt.

As our journey continued, our prospects, speaking audiences, and clients all shared with us the things that kept them up at night: The frustration with losing great talent and difficulty in finding new people (especially in this tight labor market), the complex and overwhelming puzzle of HR “stuff” – and knowing which was “must-have” versus “nice-to-have,” among others. Our customers shared with us how they were DIY’ing their business’s HR: using a search bar to answer questions, having a member of their team be responsible for it along with his other responsibilities, or just setting it aside until it forced its way to be addressed through an employee issue. Our customers also showed us that they are truly multi-hat heroes — managing and juggling multiple roles at any one time throughout the day.

When we learned that those employees responsible for HR in an ad-hoc capacity spent more than 13 hours a week managing HR, and small businesses spent more than $18,800 every single year on managing their own HR, we knew we had to do something.  Here’s the reality: that time and money takes away from focusing on your business, your passion. Let’s be honest, you didn’t build or buy a business so you could do HR “stuff”.  

We hear you.  Like you, we were frustrated by process for process-sake and things that are more complicated than they need to be.  With more than 35 collective years in HR, we have learned what is important (and what’s not). We have experience with what will make a difference where you can get the most value out of your time and how to really give feedback to employees so they are engaged.

That’s why we took that early feedback, and developed a solution to meet our customers where they are, and to solve their HR headaches (or at least some of them). And in doing so, shifted part of our business plan altogether.

Zeroing In – Give Time and Money Back through Convenience

Our own mission to find practical and simple ways to address the HR needs of businesses helped us craft our newest offering: People Spark Memberships.

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Download the guide: Achieve Your Business Goals Through Your Culture and People Strategies.

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